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4oz Fireweed Jelly
  • 4oz Fireweed Jelly

    Made from the delicate and vibrant fireweed flowers that grace our majestic landscapes, this jelly is a true testament to the beauty and flavors of the Last Frontier.

    Fireweed, with its tall stalks and vibrant magenta blossoms, is a beloved wildflower that thrives in the Alaskan wilderness. Our fireweed jelly is crafted using these blossoms, carefully harvested at their peak to capture their essence and delicate floral notes.

    Each jar of our Alaskan made fireweed jelly is a labor of love. The petals are infused to extract their distinctive flavor, resulting in a jelly that showcases the unique taste of fireweed. The jelly is then meticulously prepared, balancing the sweetness with a touch of tartness, creating a flavor profile that is both captivating and refreshing.

    Spread it on warm toast, delicate pastries, or use it as a delightful accompaniment to cheeses. Its floral notes and subtle sweetness will transport your taste buds to the untamed beauty of Alaska.

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